i'll add webringz here when zome1 addz me 2 1 lawl


you are vizitor number Hit Counter by Digits of castlecalamity.neocities.org, the baze 4 all mario enjoyerz!!!!!!

thiz webzite wuz created az a coping mechanizm 4 a really traumatizing event that happened 2 me a while back. that event made me realize that the internet nowadayz iz much worze than back in the late 90'z 2 the early 2010'z. now i'm regrezzing 2 the better age of the internet zince i never really got 2 truly experience it, and it zeemed zo much more fun. the typing quirk alzo comez with the "old web coping mechanizm", but i can provide tranzlationz if needed.

this website iz themed around mario parodiez and zuper mario in general cuz a major ztaple in my early childhood were the mario gamez, including the fangamez, az well az parodiez (ezpecially mario'z caztle calamity, which iz what my uzername wuz inzpired by).

another thing thiz webzite iz bazed around iz vinezauce. according 2 the wiki, it iz a ztreaming webzite eztablizhed in 2010 by vinny franzetti pizzapazta in new york city. the ztreamz are uzually of different vidya gaemz with live commentary by the different memberz of the team, including vinny himzelf. the viewerz (aka "chat") can alzo interact live via the chat box, and zay zome pretty wild zhit. while vinezauce wuz never a true ztaple in my early childhood, i zaw zome of the ztreamz every now and then when i wuz younger. i ztarted "truly" watching vinezauce when i wuz around 11-12, and i moztly watched joel cuz he wuz the funny 1 2 me.