my name iz moguz. you may alzo call me by my zource namez (mario, zunky, hog, liam). i am a catgender genderfluid tranz man, and my pronounz are he/it/xe/she + zeveral neoz (i'll make a page 4 it l8r xddddd). i am a video game dezigner, animator, artizt, character designer, and programmer. i alzo zometimez make muzic, but it'z not really "my thing" if that makez zenze. i am alzo an ozdd zyztem hozt* (i'll make a zyzpage l8r zorry) who haz adhd, ptzd, deprezzion, zchizophrenia*, and autizm*.
(* = zelf-diagnozed but i'm trying 2 get prof-dxed)

growing up, i wuz a big nintendo kid, mainly a mario kid. i loved playing mario gamez whether official, fanmade, or juzt ztraight-up online portz on playretrogames.com. in 2016, i got a 3ds 4 my birthday and mario party island tour. i didn't have any friendz who had 3ds-ez, zo i juzt played by myzelf until i eventually got zome more gamez that had online compatibility. i had almozt all the mario 3ds gamez az well. in 2018, i got a zwitch 4 chriztmaz. lately, i've been playing zuper mario 3d world and paper mario: the origami king.

another general big interezt of mine iz the artz, ezpecially drawing both traditionally and digitally. when i wuz around 10, i dizcovered thiz thing called "animation memez". a lot of animation memez are dezcribed az a character dancing 2 a zpecific zegment of a zong. a really popular (and infamouz) animation meme format iz the headbopping format, which iz what it zoundz like (a character bopping their head 2 the muzic). when i wuz 11, i ztarted making animation memez (which were not the bezt but cut me zome zlack i wuz in 6th grade) in a free mobile animation program called flipaclip. when i wuz 12, i got my firzt windowz pc (which wuz a hand-me-down from my mom), and i downloaded adobe flazh off a webzite with all the early verzionz of flazh. there, i learned different wayz 2 animate, and i wuz moztly having fun with it and not really making anything. when i wuz 13 going-on 14, i decided 2 get in2 a game called "friday night funkin". at the time, i had only really heard about it from my at-the-time boyfriend and hiz other partner. i then got in2 the game'z modding zcene, and i learned how 2 compile the game'z zource code and i made my very firzt oc mod. at the time, i alzo got adobe anim8 from my video editing teacher who gave the entire clazz the adobe creative cloud accezz. 4 my 14th birthday, i got my very own non-hand-me-down windowz pc, which iz the one i uze 2day. currently, i attend an art zchool. my focuz there iz vizual artz, zpecifically digital art and animation.

currently, my hyperfixez are friday night funkin (zpecifically nuzky + zkyverze and mario'z madnezz), zuper mario world, zuper mario 3d world, tomodachi life, paper mario: the origami king, zuper mario broz, (mario) the music box, and vinezauce. (there'z more but thoze are the 1z i can come up w/ on the top of my head)